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Strong Disposable Plates

We use palm leaves that are fallen to the ground as raw material for our plates. The palm leaves are strong and light weight. The leaves are cleaned with water and then heat pressed in plate forms. There are no chemicals or toxins used during the manufacturing process

Ease of Use

All our palm plates can be used for heating food in microwaves. The plates are also Oven proof up to 220 degrees Celsius. You can also keep our plates in freezers. The plates are extremely light weight and easy to carry and serve

Zero Waste

Palm plates are 100% compostable in 60 days or less. You can use a home composter to compost these plates. Plates are made for fallen leaves so there is no harming of trees for raw materials. The leftover raw materials during production process is used as cattle fodder

How We Produce Palm Plates?

We produce palm plates with special attention to reducing waste and improving sustainability. Our process follows the principles of Lean Six Sigma. We follow processes to ensure the principles of Kanban and reduce Muda (wastage). As a result, we have an improved efficiency, relative to others. This reduces the already small footprint of the product even further. Our production process can be broadly divided into 5 main steps

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    Our raw materials are naturally fallen dried palm leaves. We do not cut these leaves from trees or in any way harm the trees. This is strictly enforced

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    Dried leaves are audited for fungus, bacteria and other defects. The rejected leaves are used as bio fuel and approved leaves go into storage. Due to season nature of leaf collection, we must store leaves and have at least 8 months of raw material inventory

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    We create precision die per our requirements. Special attention is paid to ergonomics and ease of usage while designing and creating die for plates

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    The raw leaves are then heat pressed by the dies and given the appropriate shapes. The pressing itself takes a few seconds. Entire hot press process is done by hand one plate at one time

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    Pressed plates and then audited for defects. They are smoothened at edges. Finally all approved plates are vacuum packed and then put in cartons and shipped to customers.

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